New year, new blog.

I don’t believe in resolutions. I think they’re at best arbitrary and silly, and at worst potentially quite harmful. On the other hand, goals, aims, ambitions – they’re all good things to have at any time of year.

Starting a website-slash-blog has been on my list for a while. Not least because a writer with no online presence these days may as well not exist. But also because it’ll be good for me – in terms of flexing my writing muscles, acting as an incentive to get stuff done, and hopefully even gaining a bit of an audience. You see, I’m going to try and be interesting and useful, rather than just yelling into the void. Time will tell if I achieve that.

I’ve blogged before. I ran a crime fiction blog for a few years. It was a lot of fun, but it became a victim of its own success and eventually just grew too time-consuming. One of the reasons I gave it up was because I wanted to spend more time on my own writing. That was three years ago, so I should really have something to show for it by now.

Which brings us back to goals and ambitions (but not resolutions). I currently have three works-in-progress. I’m only counting novels that I’m working on in earnest, and not the scribbled first chapters or dozens of unfinished short stories. My goal (not resolution) is to finish a first draft of at least one of these. I’ll track my progress (or lack of it) here.


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